Assessment Centers

IRCo in collaboration with Maxfoster Global has developed assessment centres to facilitate its honourable clients with the best of the Assessment Centers market has to offer. These assessment model are add on features to enhance the candidate evaluation based job fit and organization, fit model.

TILO Assessment

TILO is one of its kinds, an assessment tool that evaluates a candidate on customized requirements of Job and organizational culture in Pakistan. It evaluates candidates on four types of comprehensive competencies while exposing candidates to six scenarios and trade-off options that assimilate happenings in job life. This one assessment cherishes the benefits of all to the above assessments.
It is a culturally adaptable instrument based on the model international psychometric instrument. It is cheap and indigenously tested. TILO is through with all internal and external validities and instruments.

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Blue-collar Psychometric Test

The assessment is designed to be used as a screening tool to help management gain access to otherwise hidden information about a prospective hire. This tool would be most suitable for industries involved in the hiring of blue-collar workers like Technicians, mechanics and skilled workers in a manufacturing concern. The assessment can help such industries ensure the safety of their employees and customers and to reduce system breakdown through human error.

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PANIQ ROOM: Escape Games Assessments Assessment of High Performance Teams (T-Test)

T-Test measures the team effectiveness in a simulated environment of Escape Room Games. Escape Room Games has been very popular for building high-performance teams and many progressive companies like Google, Coca-cola, E-Bay, Amazon and many more. This assessment provides one of a kind psychometric evaluation.

  • Measuring team performance
  • Identification of team development needs
The value creation process in the organization cannot be attributed to one function or one team. It happens when every function and team of the organization plays its due part. Somehow, there are no structured evaluations available to anticipate or gauge team performance in advance.

Preparing high-performance teams is a gradual process and requires systematic interventions. Naturally, the process begins with team evaluation. PANIQ Room is here to give an insight into preparing high-performance teams by identifying team dynamics. You can get your organizational teams evaluated through a fun-filled escape room experience.
This assessment is for your:

  1. High Performance teams, so that HR may learn lessons on what works in your organization with regard to teams
  2. Teams with troubled performance to identify flank areas for further development
  3. Functional Teams of marketing, operations finance and Human Resources to identify team development need Services

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