3P Manpower Services

The outsourcing concept is an innovative process re-engineering model that helps organizations to move from sustainability to continuous scalability. This is where IRCO comes into play with it's customer satisfaction driven model.

Our Methodology

We understand, design and develop tailor-made suitable solution for our clients. This facilitates our clients to have outsourcing experience that not only serves the purpose but also adds value to the business.
The prime constructs of our solutions are as under:

Customer Approach

All stake holders involved in the system are our services customer and therefore must be treated with the same privilege.

HR Service Delivery Desk

This window acts as a single point solution for all queries for all sort of stake holders ensuring the effective efficient communication.

Compliance of Statutory Bodies

Our solution enables the client to review the compliance report to ensure they are managed by responsible services vendor.

Dedicated Organizational Design

Our dedicated organizational design is cultured with objective to ensure all the service level commitments are being managed by the professional not only best fit for the job but best suited for the client’s organizational culture.

Risk Management

Our solutions are designed with a prerogative to relive our clients of risks related to Employees, Statuary bodies, employer equity, employer branding.

Labor & HR Dept Registered

As a responsible employer and advocate of best practices in the industry. IPCO is registered with Labor & Human Resource Department.

Values for Our Client

Strategic integration
Financial Relief
SMART Operations
Technological Savvy

Values for Our Associates

Learning Experience

Our uniquely tailored engagement experience makes the association growth vertical oriented.


One stop shop for all sort of queries makes experience of HR Services more delineated and customer oriented


An associate always feels comfortable with highly compliant experience.

Diversity & Inclusion

We promote and encourage the practices of diversity & inclusion for creative and engaging experience.

we develop

We don’t just focus on hiring people for the job we understand the turn key importance of human resource and therefore we believe in developing together.

Office Facility Activation Solution

If you are searching to open a regional office in Pakistan or planning to start a new venture in any major city of Pakistan, We can help you with our complete incubation and ground anchoring solution that covers it all to facilitate your local operations

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Staff Management/ Third Party Manpower Services

This includes outsourcing complete HR functions and establishment of vendor managed KPI’s that enable our client’s to focus on the creative and innovative ideas of progression leaving overhead operations of managing blue-collar or white-collar staff.

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Contract & Payroll Management Services

This solution is designed to relieve the clients of payroll compliance and contractual liabilities for the staff helping them to focus on OKR based organizational development goals.

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Insurance Brokerage Services

Insurance is vital to an organization’s as employer responsibility that takes a lot of time to manage and requires active participation of human resource services department. Therefore we have designed a solution that not only takes over the overhead working of insurance but also ensure the improved employee experience through 24/7 response of our team

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